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Why Do Dental Practices Buy Websites?86percent

There are a number of ways that you could answer that, because a great one does a lot of things for a dental practice.

But we believe there is ONE right answer, and that is – to drive new patient growth.

Sure, a site can help current patients get what they want, research procedures, and maybe even log into your current patient portal.

At the end of the day though, the only reason you should you purchase it is to gain more patients for your practice… we believe every single element of your web portal should be optimized to make that happen.

In that sense, it really should pay for itself. It should be generating revenue for you consistently. It should not be a cost, but a profit driver. And if it’s not driving new patients, new growth, revenue and profit, then have us look at it and tell you why.

Everything we do is focused on putting you in front of as many patients as possible, then using ‘conversion’ secrets to make sure they call you and not your competitors. It all starts with great dentist website design that’s compliant with Google and very easy on your potential customer’s eyes, and then it incorporates dozens of critical elements to make your phones ring. From true SEO optimization to great navigation and powerful conversion tools, every aspect of your domain has a distinct purpose for your potential customers.

Your Dentist Website Design is Critical to Your Marketing Efforts

Investing in a new patient focused website is one of the most profitable and lucrative investments you can make.

See, every other form of advertising will eventually lead to your site. If hears you on the radio, or sees you on TV, or gets a direct mail piece, or hears about you from a friend, that potential new patient will likely find you online to check you out. They’ll looking to see if you’re a legitimate, reputable dentist who can serve there needs.
This is your time to shine! You’ll something that impresses that new patient, but more importantly gets them to want to actually CALL you. You a site that turns browsers into buyers, turns visitors into callers, or turns tire kickers into patients in the chair.

All Roads Lead to Your Website


Not All Websites Are Created Equally

For starters, everything we do when it comes to web design is created from the consumer’s perspective. Now, we know the dental industry extremely well, so we have a pretty good idea of who your ideal customers are. That doesn’t stop us, however, from having detailed conversations with your staff to ensure that we capture every element of your practice’s best traits.

Once we have a solid idea of who you are and what types of dental patients you’re looking to treat, then we design your site 100% based on those needs. For example, we will customize your site’s URL’s (the web address of each individual page) to reflect your specialties, and tie in social media and video integration to make your domain highly engaging to potential customers. We will also provide conversion-optimized contact forms, lots of blog content and fantastic graphics/banners…because these are all time-tested methods of driving in new patients.

Dental Website Porfolio – Some of our Recent Work

Below you’ll find some examples of our dental websites and recent dental web design work. Click each thumbnail to enlarge.

You Need Something Cutting Edge and “New Patient Friendly”

Numerous studies over the past few years have showed that the average person surfing the Internet takes less than 3 seconds to determine whether or not a page they found is useful. Our initial goal with your dental site is to design it to IMMEDIATELY capture the visitor’s attention so they stick around past their initial curiosity. That’s why we incorporate so many different design elements into your homepage (photographs, video, social media, blogs, specials, etc.) ; it allows you the greatest possible chance of gaining a new customer with each visit.

Another big factor in attracting new clients is providing a responsive layout, which means that your site’s messaging will shrink down to be viewable on any device.   Remember though, that three second rule still applies, and this is where most of our competitors get it completely wrong when it comes to attracting new customers. On average, our web properties convert four times above the industry standard because we know exactly how to showcase your business on any screen size.

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