I'm Growing And Want To
Dominate My Market

Ready For Massive Growth?

Some practices are seeing some success right now and want to take it to the next level. These offices generally have the pieces in place to make the office ‘marketable” to new patients who are looking, but need exceptional marketing strategies to compliment their other efforts. Most other dental marketing companies are not set up to help these types of practices. In this case, a comprehensive, fully customized marketing plan is what is needed, and most marketing companies deliver cookie cutter programs that yield mediocre results.

However, for practices gearing up to grow, a perfected marketing program can be the difference maker. In fact, many of our clients in this stage are flourishing right now. We have clients seeing double digit growth year on year, in part due to solid marketing efforts. Competition is high, and only the best practices are surviving and thriving. After all, somebody is getting all the new patients. Why can’t it be you?

Some Of These May Describe You

  • I’m In Growth Mode
    You’re fired up and motivated to grow your practice. You won’t be satisfied to stay at the level you’re at. You’re ready to move upward and have the right pieces in place to do so.
  • My Marketing Could Be Better
    Your current marketing isn’t getting you the results you need to take it to the next level. You know you need extremely effective marketing to grow, and you’re committed to getting it.
  • I’m Being Ripped Off By My Current Company
    Not sure what your current marketing company is doing for you? Maybe you know what they are doing, but don’t know if it’s getting any results?
  • Can’t break through $1MM or $2MM
    You’ve been stuck below $1MM or $2MM in revenue or production for a while now, and can’t ‘crack the code’ to break through.
  • Want to Add Associates
    Do you want to add associates in the future? Do you want to expand your office, add on, open up more operatories, and become a bigger practice? Do you want to open up other offices?
  • I Want to Sell My Practice
    You want to set up your practice to be sold in the not so distant future. To do this, you want to build up new patient flow to make your practice more valuable to potential buyers
  • I’m the Best Practice In My Area
    You have invested in some of the best technology, training, and clinical skills in your area. You’re clinically good but your marketing doesn’t reflect that. Patients can’t tell how good you are by your marketing.
  • I Want to Show Up EVERYWHERE
    You want to dominate your local competition and show up everywhere online. If there’s an online strategy that works to get new patients, you want to do it.

How Did This Happen? Possible Reasons Are…

  • Never Have Out-Marketed Your Competitors
    During growth mode, the name of the game is marketing. How can you get in front of large amounts of new patients looking for dentists? You’ll need to have better marketing than your competitors.
  • No  Premium, Top Level Marketing Plan
    Standardized, cookie cutter marketing programs do not work when a practice is trying to grow. If it did, everyone would be signing up to it. No, what’s needed is customized, premium programs specifically designed to attract the right kind of patients in your marketplace.
  • No Premium Website Design
    A phenomenal website will be crucial to the success of any digital campaign. Without a doubt, you’ll need an amazing website to show off to anyone considering coming in to your office.
  • Utilize Latest Strategies
    Old tactics don’t work. The strategies that made a successful practice 10 or 20 years ago are night and day different than the ones  that work today.
  • Full, Comprehensive SEO Campaign
    You’ll need to rank all over Google to dominate your local marketplace.

What is The Solution?
We’ll Show You How To Take Your Practice To That Next Level You’ve Been Aiming For


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