When You Want New Patients And You Want Them NOW : Google Ads For Dentists

How Much Would You Pay For One New Patient?

The most effective method of digital advertising is at your fingertips. There is no better way to drive interested patients to your website rather than ‘earning’ them from organic search marketing. Keep reading to discover how to put Google advertising for dentists and PPC dental marketing to work for you.

What is PPC Marketing?

When someone searches Google, they are faced with two tiers of results. At the top of the page are the paid advertisements. At the bottom are the organic results. Of these, paid ads are clicked more often than organic listings, and their very nature is to send traffic to your website or urge people to call.

PPC literally stands for pay-per-click. When someone clicks on your ad, you pay the search engine a small fee. The more competitive your industry or keyword, the more you pay. Of course, Google rewards ads that perform better than others. That’s why you want trained professionals maintaining your PPC campaigns, to keep your advertising costs low and your ads consistently performing.

How does Google select which ads to display? When a query is made in Google, such as “Root Canals in Austin”, the search engine will sift through the pool of available ads. The winners – those that are able to secure the most prominent spots on the page – are chosen by a range of characteristics, but delivering quality trumps all.

Over 10% Of Users Click On The Top 3 Ads


Google always wants to provide the best quality to search users. What is a quality ad? It speaks to the user. For example, it contains text that reads, “Lose a tooth? Dental implants can help.” A person searching for dental implants might very well click that ad because it is targeted. The more clicks you get, and the better your ads perform, the lower the costs to you.

The fact is, PPC can be a low-cost method of lead generation. If it costs you $10 every time someone clicks your ad, but each patient ends up spending $300, then the amount you are paying-per-click is negligible. Similarly, if you are spending $10 per click and it takes 10 clicks per lead, you are only paying $100 per new patient earned. How is that for ROI?

PPC is not without risks, however. If you are inexperienced, your ads may fall flat and you could end up getting clicks to your site with nothing to show for it. Before you know it, your budget is exhausted and your new patient numbers are suffering. This is why it is crucial to hire a company like ours that is experienced and trained to deliver PPC results in any local market.

Google, Bing, and Facebook

Google is not the only platform that offers paid ads, but Google Adwords is the most popular PPC marketing platform. Bing and even Facebook are two examples of companies that follow this same paid model. Bing showcases ads similar to Google while Facebook is a bit different. Your paid ads will show up in your fans’ news feeds, making them largely indistinguishable from other users’ posts.

All three platforms use paid marketing to keep their sites free for users. The advertisers keep the servers on and the search results coming. This also means that platforms like Google, Bing, and Facebook have a vested interest in making sure your ads get seen and clicked. This makes PPC marketing the most effective method for driving traffic to your website or getting patients to call.

What Can PPC Marketing Do For Me?

PPC marketing will instantly put your ads in front of new patients searching for services like yours. A person searching for “Dental Implants” will immediately see your ad and use it to click-through to your website. If your ad has your phone number on it, the person can call right from Google, without ever visiting your site at all.

With 76% of people turning to Google to search for Dentists, PPC marketing is the smart move if you want to grow your business sooner rather than later.

Now contrast this with organic search. It takes time to reach the tip of the iceberg of the search results with organic SEO. With paid marketing, you can rise to the top in an instant, and remain there as long as your ads are properly maintained.

What Can Firegang Do for my PPC Marketing?

At Firegang Dental Marketing, we are Google certified PPC experts. Our team understands how to navigate the PPC landscape to deliver quality ads that get results. Do you have a special on teeth whitening? Our PPC ads will keep your chair filled all day long. Need more implant patients? Our ads can deliver them. In short, with our PPC ads, your site will be visited, and your telephone called. The question is: How many new patients can you handle?

Pediatric Dentist Magic Smiles chose us for their PPC marketing campaign and went from 0 to over 100 new sales leads in just three short months. Trade out Magic Smiles with your practice name and imagine what 100 new phone calls or office visits would do for your business. Want to stop thinking about it and start living your professional dreams?

Call Firegang Dental Marketing and let us create for you a personalized dental PPC marketing campaign. New patients are searching for your services right now. All it takes is a few well-placed ads to deliver those patients right to your office door.

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