Local SEO & Google Maps Optimization for Dentists
Is Your Practice On The Map?

New Patients In 1000 Feet

Google Maps has become the way to move through unfamiliar territory. Whether it’s making our way to the doctor’s office or going cross-country to visit family, Google Maps efficiently guides us to the front door of our final destination. Due to the platform’s growing popularity, and if you want new patients to be able to arrive at your front door, your practice should be listed on Google Maps.

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To become visible on Google Maps, the search giant has made Google Places available to all business owners. By registering with Google Places, your business will become instantly searchable on Google and listed on Google Maps. With a strong enough web presence, new patients will be able to find you, and hopefully visit with Google Maps turn-by-turn directions.

Google Places focuses heavily on local search results. This makes it easy for new patients who live close by to find you. When someone in your area searches for a dentist, your business could show up first, but only if you are properly registered on Google Maps.

To attract new patients online, the next move is clear. Get registered and listed on Google Places and provide your patients with a final destination to reach on Google Maps. We’ll make it easy. Contact Firegang Dental Marketing today and let us put your dental practice on the map.

Why Rank In Google Maps? 1,000’s of Patients Are Looking There…

Google Maps is what shows up most times when someone searches “dentist + your city”. See the screenshot. Most people know these listings are ‘organic” (aka not paid ads) and these listings also are what shows your reviews. For this reason, its vital to show up

There are huge numbers of new patients using Google Maps to find your practice each month. Our estimations show it can be anywhere from a couple hundred to up to 5,000 or 10,000. Even in small towns, the numbers are staggering.

The Power of Mobile Lies in Google Maps

If you’re still not convinced in the power of Google Maps, pull out your phone. This is what over 50% of your marketplace is doing, since over half of our website traffic is likely from mobile devices. With potential new patients using mobile devices in record numbers, its important to know that google maps is the #1 mapping software. When looking for a business, many people pull out their phone and open the “Maps” app.

Try it. Are you showing up? Are you in the top 3? This is where you will want to be in the future as more and more people use this method to find the doctor they want.

A Search for “Dentist + Your City” Shows Hyper Competition

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How Does Firegang Use Google Maps to Get New Patients?

We’re big believers in Google Maps. This specific strategy has been one of our ‘Secret Weapons” since we began helping the dental industry many years ago. We continue to see huge amounts of traffic and new patients from ranking properly in the maps sections of Google searches.

Google itself is also a believer in maps, as they continue to invest in making maps better and giving users better results.

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