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Our Process To New Patient Flow

True new patient marketing for dental practices is NOT set it and forget it, which is what most web guys do. In order to really get the attention of people searching in your area, you need a full solution that sets you apart for the other dentist down the road. You see, the problem with most dental marketing is its cookie cutter, out of the box solutions does the exact opposite of ‘set you apart’. In fact, it makes you seem like one of the other 1,000 dentists in your area who are using age old, tired tactics to get exposure.

There’s a different way. We’ve discovered that in order truly garner the lion’s share of new patients in any city, you’ll need a full solution that covers all bases and lets patients know you’re the best dentist they could possibly choose. To do this, we utilize a powerful 3 step system that actually gets people in your chairs and saying ‘yes’ to the cases you present to them.

Step 1: Show Up Where Patients are Looking

The fact is, over 70% of your target market are going online to decide if they want your services. That is, 7 out of 10 people are looking online for a new dentist. So, it makes sense that we need you to be there when they search, right? The first step in our program is to figure out exactly how people are searching and browsing the internet in your area. Are they looking on Google (answer: probably yes) Yelp, Facebook, Youtube? When they look, what are they seeing? Are you showing up? How can you show up better?

Step 2: Convert Visitors to Callers

Now THIS is the most overlooked piece that most marketers don’t pay enough attention to. Once we get visitors to your site, we have to go one next step and get them to actually call you. Its not enough to just be ranking well on search engines, or just be getting visitors to your site. We also need to get them to call your office, and better yet to come in and become a patient for life.

Step 3: Track Results

Finally, we need to obsess about tracking results. Proper tracking and measuring is crucial to creating successfully ongoing campaigns. We absolutely must know exactly what is working and what is not working. We take this step very seriously as we find tracking and reporting is usually the difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’ improvements in new patient flow.

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