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How To Get New Dental Patients With The Power Of The Web

Learn How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Dental Practice

Even though Firegang Internet Marketing for Business has been the premiere choice for dental practices for a number of years now with stellar results, we realize that outsiders just understand how we can take a struggling dentist’s office and turn it into a multi-million dollar location within a matter of 6-12 months.

So earlier this year, Jake Puhl and Adam Zilko decided to document a cutting edge dental marketing blueprint their award-winning book, “How to Get New Dental Patients with the Power of the Web.”  In it, they give specific, step by step instructions on the process they follow to take a dental practice from zero to hero in no time at all.

“Dental marketing is not an exciting subject.  In fact, before I picked this book up, the very term ‘dental marketing’ made my stomach hurt.  Can you imagine why my practice wasn’t going anywhere?” – Dr. Miller DMD in Chicago, IL

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Why an Internet Marketing Book for Dentists?

One of the most exciting things about Jake and Adam’s new title is that each chapter follows the exact process they used to take a brand new West Coast dental practice from a start-up to over five million dollars in annual sales!  In fact, you’ll learn all about Monk Dental’s rapid transformation and how Dr. Johnson dealt with his sudden rise to wealth and success.

“The book really does list the process out step-by-step and I was actually able to understand all of it.  Next time I hire a marketing company, I’ll feel like I know what to tell them and how to follow it all.  Great information!”  – Dr. Bradley Felix in New York, NY

What Will I Learn?

In “How to Get New Dental Patients with the Power of the Web,” you’ll learn from two of the true masters in the field as they explain-

  • Creating a Website that Drives New Leads (plus 5 other customer acquisition secrets!)
  • How to Dominate the Local Search Engines (the most powerful marketing on Earth!)
  • How to Take Back Patients from Other Dentists (and keep those patients forever!)
  • The Difference between Paid & Natural Search Results (and how to do great with both!)
  • How to Market to Quality Patients (and raise billings by 300% or more!)
  • Why a Blog Makes You Stand Out (and why your competitors will hate you for it!)
  • Reputation Marketing & Controlling Your Brand Online (a sizzling industry secret!)
  • Tracking your Success & Creating Winning Strategies (like you’ve done it for years!)
  • Dominating Email Marketing, Social Media and More!

“It is obvious that the authors have worked with dentists for a while as well, because they gave me countless little insights that I never would have even considered for my clients.  Everything is broken down in layman terms as well so anyone can follow the process easily.”  – Dr. Steven Knight DDS in Charlotte, SC

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Because we know that if you read our book you’ll either a) be equipped to help your practice grow or b) contact us to help you decide where to turn, we want to give you a copy today absolutely free with no strings attached!  That’s right- they are willing to give you every single one of their online marketing secrets on how to build a multi-million dollar dental practice, and all it’s going to cost you is a couple of postage stamps.

You’d better hurry though, because once they empty out their office bookshelf, this offer will be gone for good.  Reserve your free copy of, “How to Get New Dental Patients with the Power of the Web” today!

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