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The Secret Weapon Of The Most Successful Practices

Dentist SEO Works

You’re a dentist who has tried “SEO” or Search Engine Optimization and it flopped. Or maybe you’ve failed to rank highly in Google, but know the power search marketing holds. Perhaps you’re wondering if you can take your new patient growth to new heights using dentist SEO.

Any of this sound familiar? If so, read on.

“SEO and Google marketing have been the #1 key to my growth”
– InternetELF client who has gone from $1.2 Million to $8 Million in the past 4 years

Does My Practice Need to Show Up in Google?

As a dentist competing with others in your area, you can’t get away from marketing your services online. Not anymore. The Internet is where 89% of us turn when making important decisions, such as choosing the perfect dentist. Where do most of us direct our online questions? Google, of course, which seems to have all the answers.
Google of today is what the Yellow Pages were twenty years ago. Before someone commits to a buying decision, they type keywords into Google, just as they would have “let their fingers do the walking” way back when.

The real question is: What do new patients in your area see when they search Google for dentistry? Here’s how to find out:

Try this simple test: Search Google for the keywords “Dentist + [Your Area]”. Your Area could indicate your town, city, or state. Now press enter and see what comes up.

You should now be looking at a series of dental listings. If your practice fails to rank near the top of the page, you are losing money, period. And all that money you’re losing is going to your competitors. Those are the practices that succeeded in ranking where your practice should be.

The fact of the matter is, if you’re not attracting new patients from Google, your competitors are. The patients are out there searching, even as you read this. Which dentist in your area will they choose? With effective search marketing, using SEO for dentists, you can make that choice easy.

Exactly How Many Patients Search Google/Yahoo/Bing for Dentists?

It’s one thing to claim that new patients are searching for a dentist online. It’s quite another to have an actual figure to go with that claim. Want to know how many patients are searching for your services online? We can make that happen.

We have developed a proven method that calculates the exact size of any market. Using a combination of Google Maps and other online tools, this method can pinpoint all new patients within a 10-15 mile radius. We use this method to compile an ideal patient sketch using age, median income and other factors as our guide. We can then target nearby cities, even altering our message to appeal to different types of people.

In our experience, it is rare to find a dentist that doesn’t have a pool of 100K-300K prospects searching for dentistry services on a monthly basis.

Imagine hundreds of thousands of individuals noticing your top-ranked Google listings. That is where they have the potential to see your phone number, which makes them more likely to call. That’s the power of search marketing, and that power could be in your hands.

…But I’ve Already Been Scammed by an SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization is a process that takes years to master, and the majority of dentists don’t understand how it works. That’s not a bad thing. It takes time to learn how to appease Google, Yahoo, and Bing while also delivering content that attracts the types of patients you want to treat.

This lack of understanding results in many dentists hiring the first marketing company that promises results. If that company fails to deliver, you’ll be right back at square one with a shoddy marketing presence, at best.

The following checklist is how a reputable marketing company operates. Become familiar with this information to avoid wasting time and money.

  • Keywords

    The search engines organize their results using keywords, but you can’t stuff your keywords on a page. Google will be quick to ban your listings, and good luck coming back from that. The right keywords strategically placed on every page is a sure way to remain in Google’s good graces.  This requires extensive keyword research in order to rank prominently for “Dentist + [Your Area]”, along with Endodontics, Implants, Lumineers, and other ‘money’ keywords. We do SEO ethically, which is the only way to enjoy consistent and sustainable results.

  • Web Design

    A website can’t be thrown together if you want love from the search engines and new visitors alike. Your website needs to be robust and fast loading. Every page must be easy to read on any sized screen. And visitors to your site should be able to find whatever they need within three clicks. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, easy-to-navigate and if it contains bad design elements like Flash, you’ll get the worst treatment imaginable online – you’ll simply be ignored. Our web experts know how to craft search engine and patient-friendly sites that drive more phone calls and visits to your office.

  • Page Development Optimization

    Google crawls each page published online with specialized bots called spiders. If you want to rank higher than your competitors, each page of your site must be clearly designed and encoded. This makes it possible for spiders to find the information they need quickly in order to rank you exactly where you want to be. Our team of web developers know what search spiders crave, which can significantly improve your online visibility.

  • Quality Content

    Google embraces websites that offer the most useful and varied content to users. Informative text, engaging videos and images that draw the eye are the things that comprise terrific sites. Our content providers deliver the information your audience wants, making you the go-to dentist in town.

  • Link Outreach

    Google likes to take a varied approach to its rankings. Scanning your website with spiders is only one way to determine your site’s worth. Google also looks to outside sources, such as the quality of the sites that link back to yours. The way Google sees it, each site that links back is vouching for your website. These links cannot be purchased. They must be earned legitimately if you want to remain on Google’s good side.

  • Social Media

    Google also looks to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to find content fit for users. The more your content is shared, the more valuable it appears. Therefore, social media must be deeply ingrained in your online marketing campaign. This makes it possible for patients to pass around and discuss your content, which will further enhance your online reputation.

  • Consistency

    The above checklist must be constantly tweaked and tested in order to maintain your high rankings. Google frequently alters its algorithm in order to deliver the most valuable content to users. Once you reach the top of Page 1, you will want to retain your peak position for years to come. This requires a consistent effort from a search company that is well-versed in the nuances of digital marketing. That’s where we come in.

How to Make SEO Work for You

Harnessing the power of the search engines requires a personalized marketing plan. The following is a glimpse into the step-by-step process we use to make our clients’ messages targeted and useful for any sized audience.

  • Who is Your Ideal Patient?

    Your marketing campaign will be more effective if you can develop a composite sketch of your ideal patient. Is the prospect a man or woman or both? Is this person a child, an adult or a senior? What services would this person opt to receive? Answering these questions will help make your campaigns more relatable to all the new patients you wish to target.

  • Website & SEO For Dentists Campaign

    Most people will land on your site before they call or walk-in. To make a grand first impression, your site should to be authoritative yet personable. It should inform and educate. Most of all, it should answer the question of WHY patients should choose you instead of any other dentist in town. A website such as this requires a perfect symmetry of design elements, code, and content if it is going to appease search engines and new patients alike.

  • Key Search-Boosting Elements

    Content is the backbone of your online search presence. Your concepts should be heavily researched, and your web pages carefully written and produced. Each page must offer a solution to a particular problem, such as implants for tooth loss or orthodontics for crooked teeth. And your contact information should be everywhere patients might look, accompanied by calls-to-action such as “Call Now!” Only then can you hope to drive massive amounts of phone calls and walk-ins your way. Then, as search habits change, your web content needs to adapt if you expect to remain relevant in the foreseeable future.

  • Location, Location, Location

    Your practice relies on the local population to keep your chair filled daily. Therefore, your marketing message should only extend about 10-15 miles beyond your office walls. This highly-focused method of marketing is known as Local SEO, and it is vastly important to dentists. A local search campaign will identify where patients live to deliver a message that positions you as the dentist to visit in your general area.

  • Tracking: Analyze the Data, Improve, and Repeat

    No marketing campaign is ever set in stone. As people’s preferences evolve, so do Google’s algorithms. Your entire search presence needs to adapt to these changes if you hope to keep your prominent search rankings. This requires the periodic analysis of your SEO numbers to determine how you can best optimize your search presence for never-ending improvements.

  • Reviews!

    Competition is increasing all the time. One simple strategy you can leverage to get the edge over your competitors is to proactively chase Google reviews. Click play on the short video below and we’ll explain a simple strategy to help you win the review game.

The Power of Ranking in Google: A Case Study

Dr. Paul Ouellette of The Dental Specialists in picturesque Merritt Island, Florida found himself in a peculiar position. His practice had been in the same spot for years, and his office had become a recognized landmark in the area. Still, the doctor couldn’t seem to gain traction online.

The doctor’s goal was to attract more quality patients from Google to enable him to retire and leave a lasting legacy for his sons, who also practiced dentistry nearby. Like many dentists, the doctor tried to perform “SEO” all on his own, but he soon became overwhelmed. That’s when he called us, InternetELF Dental Marketing.

With a new professional website greeting visitors and an optimized web presence appealing to search engines and patients alike, The Dental Specialists now earns up to sixty online phone leads a month.

Dr. Ouellette now attracts the types of patients he wants to target, which consists of general dentistry and orthodontic patients. Here are just two examples of actual phone leads that recently came in.

Your practice could be getting phone calls just like these:

“Can I do a walk in for braces? I also need a regular dentist.”
“I’m looking for Braces/General Dentistry.”

Hear Directly from Other Dental SEO Clients that have Worked with Us

Hear directly from other dentists we’ve helped with their SEO who now rank at the top of Google.

Dr. Guy Burk, Anchorage Midtown Dental (Anchorage, AK)

Doctor Burk wanted to dominate his market. He took over his father’s practice and decided that although it was a successful practice, he wanted to be the best in Anchorage. It wasn’t going to be easy as Anchorage is more competitive than the national average, but with InternetELF’s help, Dr Burk has done it. His practice has grown 600% in several years.

“Our highest quality patients are coming from our website… Our website is the #1 ranking website in our area, for every single category.”

Brent Van Hala, Van Hala Dental Group (Canton, OH)

Doctor Van Hala came to us with a practice relying mostly on referrals for new patients. It’s a story we see all the time as many doctors are finding that referrals just isn’t enough anymore. After consistent effort on his website, and overall online presence, his new patient count kept increasing. He now sees over 60 phone leads per month, and ranks #1 for 20 relevant keyword searches on Google.

“What we’ve found is that steadily and over time, the results that we’ve received, particularly with google search rankings, have improved considerably. And that’s yielded tremendous results with respect to new patients in our practice”

Getting Your SEO For Dentists Campaign Started…

As a dentist, your online presence is becoming increasingly important. Don’t get left behind. Your competitors may already be using these techniques to get ahead. Having a website no one can find won’t cut it. You need a targeted website and an optimized web presence if you want to attract more new and loyal patients. All you have to do is take the next step.

Call us during business hours for a free assessment of your web presence.

During this short fifteen-minute call, we can let you know where improvements can be made to help you grow your business using the power of Google.

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